Friday, January 06, 2006

Narnia/Aragorn allegory question

It's brilliantly blatant that "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" is a Christian allegory. Much has been written about it. Fellow British author J.R.R. Tolkien was also a stout Christian and I've heard Lord of the Rings as an allegory, though I can't find a reference off hand. I see it clearly if loosely in the story of Aragorn, and it breeds a question:

In both stories the savior in the story (Aslan and Aragorn) free an army to help defeat evil. In the case of Aslan, he takes Susan and Lucy to the White Witch's castle to free the prisoners there before taking them all to the battle Edmund and Peter are fighting. Aragorn travels the Paths of the Dead to collect an undead army, bringing them to Gondor. Both armies turned the tide of the battle rather decisively.

So, is there a connection in the Bible I don't see? Or is it two friends using common storytelling tactics in their stories?


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