Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My mid-life crisis

I've never cared at all about age. I don't care how old I am because I am what I am. Some might say I act younger than I am because I'm immature.

But I think I'm hitting my mid-life crisis. My son got a skateboard for his 9th birthday and I've been going to the indoor skating rink with him. Mom allowed me to buy my own board and I've been "shreading the half-pipe" and having a ball.

Unfortunately, I sprained my ankle on Christmas Eve. I didn't go to the doctor ... it swelled up and bruised, but it eventually got a little better. A month and a half later I was skating again, before it was fully healed, and tweaked it again. Now I'm having trouble walking, and I'm eyeing that skateboard, really wanting to go again.

I'm sad that I can't skate. It's bothering me. I'm really worried that I'll never be able to go again. (Or walk normal again, frankly.)


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