Friday, July 27, 2007

The iPhone is awesome, but ...

Some cool things about the iPhone

* During a 4-day residential soccer camp, I e-mailed photos to Flickr to keep a running account of the camp. Parents got to see their kids at camp in near-real-time.
* I was able to post a blog entry on the iPhone (to my family blog), though it was quite a bit of work to get the photo in. I had to email that to a site, figure out the url and then add it to the blog.
* I needed phone numbers for my soccer team, and I was able to log into our player system for the club and get them.

Some hassles about the iPhone

* Battery power could be an issue. You pretty much have to charge it every day. I wonder how it will be when the battery life wears, as iPods tend to do.
* I've had some challenges with the Safari browser:
* Crashes on pages, espcially my bank's page. Though I've also had trouble with and other sites.
* I tried to create a new blog using Blogger and could do everything but the last step. I could click on "Continue" and nothing would happen. It was frustrating.
* While you can write blog entries and work Gmail direct through the browser, you have to do it in "edit html" mode. You can't use the rich text editor. The keyboard doesn't recognize it as form field.

I'm sure there is more, but ... I must move on.


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