Monday, July 16, 2007

Work stops over the iPhone

I bought an iPhone. You would think such a device would be a great time saver in life, and I'm sure it will be once I stop playing with it.

But the "play" problem extends beyond me ... My productivity at work over the last couple of days has definitely slipped because everyone wants to see it, or play with it, or talk about it. Of course, I love talking about the iPhone because I think it great (not perfect ... I'll get to that) but I have to say it does cut into my work a bit.

I surely can't flaunt it ... not that I should. But when I'm taking a brief break on the catwalk, checking my e-mail, invariably someone walks by and says "oh coool .... you got an iPhone? Do you like it? Is it as cool as you imagined?"

Of course, it is, and after 10 minutes of showing it off (15 if I'm on AT&T Digital Edge) I'm finally off my five minute break that has taken 20 minutes.


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