Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gmail's IMAP has saved the iPhone

I had written earlier about the email hassles for iPhone ... how Gmail just sucked and Yahoo's mail sucked the life out of my phone.

Well, it's old news that Google did come through with IMAP for the iPhone. It works great, and at much better battery life than Yahoo's mail.

Of course, Google couldn't just "fix" the mail in iPhone, they had to one-up it. So they created a web app for Safari on iPhone for Gmail that pretty much rocks. I'm still using the native Mail app because, well, it's native, but I have to admit that the features on the iPhone webby version are quite nice.

A technical bent

A technical bent
More than a year after I "thought" I would write a blog about online news, I finally get around to writing another entry.

I'm currently working as Interim Technology Solutions Manager for the Statesman. Other than the "interim" part, that's a pretty damn good title. My son calls me Head Geek, which my COXnet brethren loved, but I like being the solutions guy. That's worth living up to.

Because that is what we are about: Solutions. People need stuff built, or fixed, or figured out, and we do it. I have the opportunity to build a new team, with a new vision and a new goal and I'm just tickled.

I've been gawking at the likes of Adrian Holovaty, Chris Heisel and some of my other buddies and aquaintances more on the dev side of things (as opposed to editorial)and I've felt like I've been missing out. I get excited about geocoding and SSL and now I dabble in the command line ... I want to do more ... crave it ... and I'm sure that soon there will be no turning back.

I so excited to learn all these new things and tackle all these new projects, but my first task is to build a team who can help me take all this on. (What "this" is will have to wait on another post.) I've met some great candidates, and I've already been turned down by a few, but hopefully for the right reasons.

Ahh ... enough of this ... let's build something.

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