Friday, June 06, 2008

Most phones age badly. The iPhone got better.

A year ago this month, Apple introduced the iPhone, and on Monday, odds are they will announce the next generation. Rumors abound on what is to come. GPS, G3 support, more memory, etc.

But I want to wax poetic on the first version. I waited a whole two weeks before buying my iPhone, and I paid the whole $599 and I got 'burned' buy the price drop some weeks later. I considered it the cost of early adoption.

But here's what's cool: I like my iPhone better today than the month I bought it. Not only do I like it better, it IS better. Apple upgraded the software so we could edit our home pages. They made maps and directions better by adding GPS-lite triangulation. They opened up the handset for development by others, and we'll soon reap the benefit of that, but even before that, iPhones have been the greatest catalyst to mobile-specific websites based on the iPhone-size screen.

Tell me, before the iPhone, did you ever have a phone that you didn't hate after a year? You were begging for that two-year contract to end so you could replace your dying battery, scratched screen, sticky number pads.

The iPhone was the 8th most popular browser on our news website, behind two versions of IE, Firefox, three versions of Safari 3.x, and Gecko.

So, yes, I want to upgrade my phone, but only because iPhone 2.0 comes out on Monday. I wouldn't trade my current phone for anything else.


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