Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A different fantasy futbol league

I've enjoyed doing Fantasy Football leagues with the NFL since 2000, and I've been in the championship game several times in one of the Statesman leagues. I like it because I learn about more players and watch more teams than just my "favorite" team (the Titans, if you must know -- even before they got Vince Young).

But now my love is soccer, and the English Premier League is arguably the best soccer in the world. Last year I cheered for Manchester United because of Cristiano Ronaldo, who ended up being leading scorer in the league, if a bit of a jerk after the season, flirting with a move to Real Madrid.

So, knowing a couple of soccer fans within other Cox Newspapers, I convinced a colleague to start a fantasy league (at among other newspaperers. I'm not sure if any of us has ever done it, but what the heck.

So, here is my starting lineup (subject to change with unlimited transfers before Aug. 23rd. In fact, it's changed twice already.)

Goalkeeper: T Howard, Everton (an American)

Defense: J O'Shea, Manchester United; Y Kaboul, Portsmouth; J Woodgate (Tottingham); L Buxton, Stoke City (he was really cheap and from the club aligned with the Austin Aztex)

Midfielders: C Fabregas, Arsenal; M Ballack, Chelsea; S Gerrard, Liverpool; M Petrov Manchester City

Strikers: Emmanuel Adebayor, Aresenal; Fernando Torres, Liverpool


William M. Hartnett 11:58 PM  

I've already lost all faith in my lineup after looking at yours, which seems to feature an awful, awful lot of offensive firepower. Might be time to head back to the drawing board.

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