Sunday, January 04, 2009

6th photo on the 6th page

I was tagged by Lessa to show my 6th photo from the 6th page of my Flickr stream, and here it is. Not all that exciting ... it is from an Austin United Capitals soccer camp in Brenham in July 2007, taken on my iPhone and emailed to Flickr.

That email feature is the only reason I use Flickr. I much prefer my Picasa account because I can have unlimited albums, and I really like the embed features it offers.

With my poor math skills, I've deduced that the 6th photo of the 6th page is the 114th photo, so here is my 114th photo in my public Picasa galleries:

From Troop 448 Rifle Merit Badge campout

It is of Boy Scout leaders at a campout in Bastrop at Lost Pines Scout Reserveration. We were there to work on the Rifle Merit Badge.


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