Thursday, January 01, 2009 a great buy for HDMI

I was blessed enough to receive a Blu-Ray player for Christmas. All excited to hook it up, I sighed as I found the HDMI cable in the box. It was about three feet too short to snake through the wall from my 47-inch Phillips LCD above my fireplace to the component rack next to it.

Off to Best Buy to buy a 10-ft HDMI cable, I was stunned to find the Monster cable costs nearly as much as the player itself. Ridiculous.

I went ahead an bought a rocketfish cable for about $90, still an outrage, and twittered my anger to the social media world.

A buddy I work with replied back to try, which he had heard about on an AVS forum. I was able to find a better cord at one third the price, $32 with shipping. It is supposed to ship today, and hopefully I'll have the new Blu-Ray installed before the weekend closes.


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