Friday, August 14, 2009

Best Twitter giveaway yet

A very quick post on this Twitter giveaway by TapTapTap.

What makes this so cool?

* Splash page is awesome design.

* The #2 button to send the Retweet from a page to your Twitter screen is awesome.

* The grouping of the recent entrants is rad.

* The counter is also very nice.

Too bad no one cares about a unit calculator for the iPhone.

And Holy Pimp-my-laptop: $6000 for a MacBook Pro? They are already overpriced before all that.


Alex 3:24 PM  

Actually I dropped the $0.99 on the app and am happy I did so. It covers every type of conversion I'd like, which sounds geeky, but if you cook, like to play with power tools or read any form of history or military-related stories then odds are good you'll want (if not need) to be able to convert something quickly. It's also handy for currency conversion.

Plus it's beautiful.

I agree that's an expensive MBP, though I don't agree that MBPs are overpriced, no matter what the Microsoft FUD machine tries to say. They are more expensive than super cheap laptops, but they are equivalent, if not better to high-end laptops, which is where they are aimed to compete. Well, that's my two cents at least. :)

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