Thursday, March 31, 2011

Transitioning Google Apps to new infrastructure

I've been waiting for this for years now ... to be able to use Google services like Picasa, Reader and Blogger from my personal Google Apps account where I run my family domain,

Finally, Google has made this possible. I got notice last night and immediately began the transition to the new infrastructure.

The biggest issue I've come across is I can no longer log into my Google Apps personal email from the same browser as my regular Gmail account, where I happen to manage my work email. (I was warned, so this was not a surprise.) It was nice to be logged into both accounts on different tabs in Firefox. I can't do that any longer, but I can switch back and forth using multiple sign-in. This hasn't been the end of the world ... at least not today. It's probably helps my work output as I don't have personal email pinging me all day.

(Update: I later found that I could log into two Google accounts at the same time for many applications, especially GMail. You can edit your Google Account settings to do that.)

Calendar and Docs are the two services I use the most beyond Gmail. I like having Docs on separate accounts, since I've been using my traditional Google account for work-related stuff. I can always share documents between the two accounts if needed. Calendar is a no-brainer ... all of those are shared to both accounts as well so it doesn't matter which account I'm in.

The service I've wanted this most in Apps is Picasa Web. I'm in the process of downloading my 1G+ worth of photos in order to re-upload into my version of Picasa. All of that content is personal so I've wanted to move it out of my now-work-related Google account into my personal Apps account. I may reconsider moving them if I lose all the dates, maps and such. It just may not be worth it.

Blogger is another service I've wanted to transition. Again ... personal content, personal account ... I just want to manage that from the "right" place. It's pretty simple to move: just use the traditional account to invite the Apps account as a contributor, and then make that Apps account an admin.

I'm waiting to deal with Reader, as I'm not sure what to do. I'm not a heavy RSS consumer, to be honest. I have lots of feeds set up, but I don't check them regularly. My Reader account is a mixture of industry stuff (news and technology) and personal stuff (mostly Scouting) so I'm not sure how to split the blend or even if I want to.

I don't have enough YouTube content to worry about moving it. We'll see. I don't use Voice much, either, but that might be one to consider.

Here are some other things others might have to deal with in transitioning to the new Google Apps infrastructure:


Christian McDonald 3:07 PM  

Comment on the Multiple Login issue ... I've discovered I **can** be in two gmail accounts at the same time, I just have to launch one, then start a new tab and go to the same account, then switch accounts on that tab. Once done, both tabs remained logged into their accounts. I've only tried this with Gmail to date ... not sure how other services would respond.

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