Thursday, January 05, 2012

The birth of ONA Austin

UT Senior Lecturer Robert Quigley explains the genesis and dream of ONA Austin.

Tonight we held the first ONA Austin meetup at Opal Divine's Penn Field and I would say it was a roaring success. We had about 60 people show up from all walks of online publishing life. We had experienced journalists from print, online and TV. We had bloggers, entrepreneurs, coders, students, educators, marketers, you name it ... it was just a great collection of people.

There were some great suggestions for content topics for future meetups, and lots of suggestions for venues. We could always use more of those suggestions, and especially some sponsorships pay for little things like appetizers, name tags and such.

We are looking at the 4th Monday of each month for meetings, probably starting at 6:30 or 7p. Sign up at so you can be notified about future events. You can also give us feed back and suggestions on Facebook and Twitter.


scott b 7:01 PM  

very cool, glad to see your doing stuff like this... wish I was going to sxsw this year :(

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