Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SXSW Quickie: The Trade Show

Ok, I admit my most important reason for going to the trade show was to pick up trinkets for my wife's fourth grade classroom treat box. But I did see some other cool things along the way in the two days I walked the aisles.

  • Strides.do and Sliderocket. Strides is a lightweight project manager with a Facebook-like feel in the way you can assign tasks and communicate about tasks. It lacked any time forecasting or management, though. Sliderocket seems like a great presentation tool for corporations. I know there are lots of fans for it.
  • The ZBOARD is an electric skateboard that I would totally buy if it was half the price. With a 5 mile range, it could get me to the park and ride and I could take the bus more often.
  • TuneUp is and app that fixes all your untitled tunes in iTunes, using a Shazam-like technology. It's normally $50, but they werer selling for $30 on the floor.
  • Netbase was catching some buzz as I heard others describing a couple of times outside the trade show. It helps they sponsored the SXSW shirts, of source. They scan social streams to see what people want and then help companies market toward that. Women want ice cream. Men want cars. In case you wanted to know.
  • Questionmine ads survey questions on top of video, capturing the metrics.
  • LightCMS was a resellable CMS for developers.

Sure, there was other stuff. Lots. That's just what caught my eye.



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