Monday, January 21, 2013

Why can't we add notes mode to SQL in MS Access?

I had two stories I worked on run in the last 30 days where much of the work was done in the months before. It's at hard way to work ... to get pulled back into something and expect to answer questions about your analysis when you haven't looked at the data in weeks or months.

To help with this, I sometimes keep really detailed notes on the steps I've taken when I analyze data. It can be time consuming and maddening, when you are redoing work after finding a mistake, but it is often those same notes that help you find the mistake.

It would the REALLY helpful is Access would allow notes mode in SQL statements so users could notate their code. The ability to do this in MySQL workbench, along with the ability to execute highlighted code only, may cause me to eventually bail on Access, but I do really like the integration with Excel and even Word. I should explore more, but there is such an intellectual investment that has to be made to get comfortable with MySQL, I'm not sure I'll make that leap.


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