Monday, May 13, 2013

Election results by precinct, AISD bonds

When I heard we were doing a precinct-level map of election results for print, I figured I really needed to do one online, where readers could really study it. I had the county clerk send me an example file so I could play with it and figure out how I might show the results, and prepared to do the map on Mother's Day, the day following the election. Print had their analysis story pegged for Monday's edition.

When I saw how close the votes were on all the proposals (they each passed or fell by fewer than 1000 votes), I wanted to highlight how close those races were, and where they were closest. I choose to highlight just the closest 5% to center, which would've tipped the scale either way.

Tableau: Police calls at Rundberg motels

Finally got to use some of my newly-minted Tableau skills on this visualization on police calls to Rundberg-area motels. It's a bit of a challenge since we are tracking almost a dozen hotels, so things like sparklines don't show that well until you change the views you are looking at. Jewel xxx at Tableau helped me with the map concept, for which I'm grateful.

Special thanks to Jack Darby of for supplying the data.

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