Sunday, January 05, 2014

Home affordability in Central Texas

I did some work with Marty Toohey on his story about the "affordability" of Austin, creating a data visualization about home sales using Tableau. It wasn't ground-breaking work (ha!) but it is fairly interesting to see how the sales distribution of home sales have changed over the last decade.

I mostly did this work so that Marty could see trends to write about, and it's an example to show how Tableau is an excellent tool for discovery and exploration of data. Check out how the percentage of homes priced at $100k range and the $200k range have changed over the past decade.

Now for the humbling part: How could this visualization be better? What could I have done to make it more interesting? More useful?

Because I just took at quick peak at Chartbeat to see how folks are interacting with that page, and the average length of stay is 30 seconds. Um ....


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