Sunday, January 19, 2014

Using Tableau for AISD teacher turnover statistics

There wasn't really anything new with my latest interactive on teacher turnover in AISD, but it did make me realize something: I need to make a clean list of Central Texas schools (or all of Texas) with all their latitude and longitudes for accurate mapping.

In this case, we were mapping all 125 or so AISD schools. We ran a list of Austin school addresses through A&M Geocoding service, which I've written about before, but we had to manually match them with the data we had on turnover rates.

The district data had partial campus IDs, and our address list, which was not limited to AISD, had full campus IDs that didn't match our data, so I couldn't easily join them. We'll fix that, as with this project we come out with a good, manually-checked source list of the AISD addresses. With the help of intern Beth Cortez-Neavel, we'll add district and campus IDs so the next time this comes up, a quick join in Access will get us there.

Cometdocs also saved my bacon again. It does a much better job converting PDF documents to spreadsheets than even Adobe's full Acrobat suite. I can't recommend Cometdocs enough. I fact, I ask that you sign up using this link, so we can both get more free conversion per week.


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