Friday, November 13, 2015

Statesman seeks news apps developer

June 2016 update: Both of these posts are now filled.

While the official application isn't up and running quite yet, I'm looking for a news apps developer (two, actually) to join our team at the Statesman. We've done some incredible work lately, and now it's time to build upon that with more, better and different. If you have interest, please fill out the official application. please email me at and include the normal stuff: resume, examples of your work, etc. Here is a job description:

The Statesman is looking for a news applications specialist for the interactives team. This developer journalist will work with reporters, editors and other team members to design and build interactive graphics, data visualizations and news applications to support journalism ventures.

Our projects vary in scope, platform and content:


  • Work as part of a newsroom team to bring our most important stories to our readers in a compelling way across all our various digital platforms.
  • Develop, code, test and debug news apps for mobile and wired platforms.
  • Share and expand knowledge with other team members, and to learn from the experience of others.
  • Research new technology and best practices and tools and analyze for best fit, usage, stability and performance.
  • Communicate with both technical and non-technical colleagues to serve as a bridge between content and digital design of applications and visualizations.
  • Some reporting and contacting sources for data and information.


  • Understanding of data structures and database management
  • Familiarity with web API’s and common data visualization libraries
  • Demonstrated ability to turn concepts into user-focused apps using HTLM5/CSS3/Javascript. We use Node.js for package management, PHP/WordPress, Python and Django. While experience in these areas is preferred, we recognize developers are adaptable, and so are we.

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